Dec 26, 2016

Letting Go 2016 & Embracing 2017

Looking back year 2016 to reminisce on meaningful events, & as thanksgiving memory.

Thank God for:
(1) the great roller coaster experience in workplace, that's where I was being mould

(2) A short getaway just to RUN!
Estate run
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(3) Sunway Iskandar Viper Challenge @Medini, Johor
->>> Viper Challenge 2016 @Medini

(4) Re-visiting Broga Hill !!

(5) An unexpected hangout!

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(6) A car to go on long journey


(7) New workplace & new colleagues! 

It started when i received an email to update my resume on Jobstreet, that next day I received call on the better job offer...

(8) The honor of chairing Chee Keong & Shan Jee's wedding matrimony

(9) Centre Northern Conference @Hope Lighthouse

Theme : Multiply

(10) Prayer Group
Helping one another to be strengthened & growth

(11) Mandarin Working Adult LifeGroup

Thanks for the companionship. Let's continue to grow!

(12) My family
Whom being ever understanding & very supportive in whatever that I do. 

Though this year may not be as fruitful as before, but I do cherish having to know that
-The Lord has shown me, how far I can go. When I thought I only worth this much, but God has shown me I worth THIS much. When I doubt on my capability, the Lord has opened new door for me to walk through it, so that I could experience His protection & His moving grace when I learn to walk by faith.

"Who Am I to stand in the way of the Lord"

Aug 28, 2016

Olympic Spirit

It's a wonderful Olympic spirit in line with Malaysia's Independence Day this year 2016.

It is through our national players, that Malaysians of different backgrounds, difference races, unite together cheering & supporting for our national athletes in the Olympic games.

A heroes’ welcome to our national athletes. MalaysiaBoleh!


Olympic has became a platform to shine!

Many Olympians took the stage to give glory to God.

Michael Phelps - what saved his life &made him swim again

Usain Bolt - "The Fastest Man Alive"

Simone Biles - just gave God the glory

Run in such a way as to get the prize. - 1 Corinthians 9:24

We do it to get a crown that will last forever.


In a relay race, a baton is being passed to the next runner.

If you are commissioned to pass on "The baton" to the next generation, what would you want to pass it on?

I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith. - 2 Timothy 4:7

Aug 20, 2016

The Haunted Experience

When I was asked why do I believe in Him? 

"Because I have experienced who He is"


There was a haunted incident happened in the university hostel, and 1 of my housemate encountered the flying pass of that "thing" through the window. There was then a ritual took place in the hostel, and there were rice grain sprinkled on our beds, with ritual papers sticking on the cabinet. 

The incident occurred during the ending of exam period. The hostel was getting more quiet, and darker as students went back to their hometown. I myself, I did not believe there were ghost/ spirits. It was until my last day alone in the hostel...

Before my last housemate leaving hostel going back to hometown, there was a suggestion to try detect spirits using a compass, and I thought "why not", just for curiosity. When I placed the compass in the centre of the hostel living room, the compass pointed North. Before I wanted to say "See, there was nothing", but somehow at 1 point, my housemate &I were shocked when the compass start spinning abnormally erratically and we just took away the compass immediately! It ain't look like a EM field to me.

I tried to make phone calls to a leader, my sister &housemate, my calls could not get through, realizing they couldn't hear clearly of my voice, and instead I could hear there was an unknown background voice of someone else in the phone. My housemate sent me "please take care" &off she went leaving to hometown, leaving me alone.

Night arrives. I remembered the whole house was very tense, I did not even dare to go washroom which located at the very end. I switched on all the lights, and music loudly, reluctant to close my eyes in bedroom, because something was not right. I felt uneasy in the room with the ritual paper so I remove it from the cabinet. When my eyelids were tired, I suddenly thought of a small bible book that a friend passed to me. With that book, I held it in my hand, &made the first ever prayer from my heart.

"Dear God, whomever you are, though I don't know you, and I feel like talking to the air, I want to ask for your protection to be upon me. Please protect me as I go to sleep. In Jesus Name, Amen"

When I lay my head to rest, I never felt so peaceful before. There was a strong overwhelming of peace that assured me "Don't be afraid, I will watch over you". I remembered I woke up the next day with peace and joy, because I had gone through the night without fear! And that peaceful sleep was just so good. The peace that one cannot self made.

When sem break was over, & we met again with block mates. Then i was told that our neighbour encountered the same "window incident" on the said night too.


The Israelites did not remember what God had done, whom had rescued them. 

I wanted to put this into records. So that I would not  forget what the Lord has done in my life. "Because I have experience who the Lord Jesus is"

P/S: This post is written during the Hungry Ghost Festival


...I then realized my body couldn't moved. And I started to hear very clear loud voices of... 

There is something about the name 'JESUS'

We were excited that we got a location to be sister ministry house named Rapha. Not sure who stayed there earlier though. It was quite a spacious place & I like it. There were blessings of furniture provided to us as beds & tables.

When we moved into that house, & we slept for the night. 1 day, I was told our housemate sensed there was "something" in that house. I thought the news won't bother me. Until...

There was one night, I suddenly woke up from my sleep, not knowing what happened. I opened my eyes and see that the room was in total pitch black, there's no glimpse of lights at all. I could hear the sound of the wall fan, and I knew that it was not a dream. I then realized my body couldn't moved. And I started to hear very clear loud voices of cats and dogs fighting, as if next to my ears, and I wonder why there were none of my roommates woke up from that noise, then I realized I have encountered "them". 

I was sweating, and I was afraid. Then I remembered there was a higher power who is able to save. I proclaimed "In the name of Jesus, get out!" Then the voices of that fighting slowly died down, and peace started to enter me & I could move around to position myself comfortably. And that night, I was amazed at the power of the name 'Jesus'. 

“Be quiet!” Jesus said sternly. “Come out of him!” Then the demon threw the man down before them all and came out without injuring him. All the people were amazed and said to each other, “What words these are! With authority and power he gives orders to impure spirits and they come out!” - Luke 4: 35-36

Jesus called his twelve disciples to him and gave them authority to drive out impure spirits and to heal every disease and sickness. - Matthew 10:1

P/S: The above incident took place 4 years back in university life. I decided to record it down here for the story untold. Though this might invite skeptical view, but it's ok, each person has a unique encounter.

Jul 25, 2016

Life Of A Building Manager

Being "Jack of All Trades and Master of All!"

* . * . * . * . *

According to The Cooperator New Jersey - A Day In The Life Of A Property Manager : "No matter what the size of their portfolio, a property manager must wear a great many professional hats"

In this write-up, the "building manager" termed here refers to the one who maintain and manages the building (in this context, high-rise is referred to). Building manager can be an Executive, Property Manager or Facility Manager.

Like it or not, building manager would have to master these skills & knowledge of expertise

Responsibilities of A Building Manager Includes:

- overseeing day to day operations to ensure that the building is well maintained (eg. cleanliness, security, landscape, facilities, machinery etc)

- enforce House Rules and Strata Management (Maintenance & Management) Regulations 2015

- financial & budget management

- credit control on defaulters

- supervises the operation team

- handling complaints from residents/ office occupants

- handling contractors' renovation

- decorating the building for each festive season

- organizing events for the community

- producing & presenting monthly property management report

- dealing with various suppliers in carrying out maintenance and upgrades of the building

- forward recommendations to Client for approval

- conducting Annual General Meeting

- renewal of contracts with service providers

- renewal of certificates

What is it like being a building manager? As for me...
(click on the picture for enlarged view)
For more insights of what is it like in the life of a building manager, this link can be referred.

If you are in this line, I would like to appreciate of all that you have done, in order to upkeep the building for the residents &/or office occupants' comfort. Building management is no easy job. Though we may make mistakes, we learnt from it. If you felt there's no one thanking you or notice your effort made, i just like to say Thank You for trying to make the community a better place to live. As long you are doing what is right.

Note : This is a personal view & sharing on the writer's experience - working as a young building manager, with position held as Property Executive for over 3 years experience. 

The writer welcomes feedback from those who are in this property management line to share their experience together.